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Vintage Asia pop
The Tales of Genji (Genji monogatari) is the greatest novel in classical Japanese literature, and arguably, the world’s first novel.  It was written in the first decade of the eleventh century by Lady Murasaki, and relates the womanizing exploits of Prince Genji.  Each of the fifty-four chapters of the novel is named and is associated with a crest called a Genji-mon.  Two different forms of the crests are reproduced below.  In this series of prints, events in the lives of legendary people are matched with chapters having titles related to the events.  All ten prints known to Robinson are illustrated, and it is unlikely that any others exist.  These prints are about 14 by 6.5 inches (36 by 17 centimeters), a size known as ôtanzakuban.
the Black Madonna
Ulla Karttunen
Guillaume Guillon-Lethiere (French, Guadeloupe 1760-1832), Philoctetes on the Isle of Lemnos, 1798, Louvre Museum
Frank Sorbier Haute Couture Fall 2014-15

Rino Stefano Tagliafierro

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Wm. Heylens (LOC) by The Library of Congress on Flickr.