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Detail of aegis from Margarita Trip as Minerva, Instructing her Sister Anna Maria Trip by Ferdinand Bol 
oil on canvas 
Love and Ammunition (2013) - Arab Iranian Artist SAMIRA ABBASSY
Close Portrait (by Iceland Aurora (Photo Tours))
Literature Weekly, undated issue on Russian short stories, 1936, design quian jun-tao
Mario Sironi- Solitude 1926
je suis juste une petite fille qui est perdre dans la monde
I am just a little girl who is lost in the world
Jaroslav Vávra ph.
Robert Hutinski  ph. - Brave New World-Melancholy 2012 - Industrial Revolution
Untitled-  Kansuke yamamoto ph.
Eric Rondepierre
"Couple, passant" from ‘Moires’
R-3 sur aluminium, 1996-98
Valeska Suratt, 1917
Josef BalcarUntitled Photomontage, 1930’s
Mathew B. Brady (1822-1896)
Giuseppe Garibaldi, head-and-shoulders portrait, slightly to the left, with full beard. half plate daguerreotype, gold toned, between 1844 and 1860